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Reviewing the performance of your organization

If you participate in board meetings or functional meetings where the performance of your organisation is being reviewed, you may well be familiar with factors that can make these meetings ineffective.  Sometimes, the meeting is a little more than a status chat, a voice-over with an ever-expanding slide deck. Measures being reviewed consist mainly of lagging financial indicators, and the validity of the numbers is discussed repeatedly. The meeting results in few, if any, decisions or actions and the environment is one in which participants explain whether or not they are hitting their targets whilst desperately defending their functions.  Too often one person dominates the discussion.  

While the problem might be familiar, the solution might be less obvious. Therefore we have identified practices that enable teams to better review and improve their organisation's performance. Our common theme is to focus on how the review is being conducted; changing the meeting dynamics and behaviours, with the aim of building learning capability for continuous improvement.   


Improving your business performance management review


Peform a Go See of the current review and evaluate this against best practices. This can include the metrics, meeting structure, and behaviours


Determine what changes are required and what to focus on. Make the necessary adjustments. Establish team ownership


Challenge and coach the team and its members for effective behaviours.


Our Consulting Edge


In depth to cover all three loops of organisational learning

Research based

Obtained best practices from companies and literature through research with Cranfield School of Management

Taylored approach

Builds on your specific needs and customises its services to achieve optimal results for your organisation.


An independent consultancy

Simen-Jan Slagman

Managing Consultant

MBA, MSc, M. Biotech.

Simen-Jan has two decades of experience in various senior roles in industry, in areas ranging from R&D to Manufacturing

Having been trained initially as a biotechnologist, over time his focus has extended  to improving business processes and the people and organisations that run them, including aspects like Lean, Business Process Design, and Business Performance Management. This is related to his motivation to structurally improve the people and organisations that run these processes, keeping in mind the long term and big picture, in contrast to supplying a quick fix for a metric.

Simen-Jan is a Visiting Fellow with Cranfield University's School of Management where he conducts research on the effectiveness of Business Performance Reviews with professor Michael Bourne.


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